Why goods train has 58 wagons, passenger train has only 24 coaches?

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It is a very interesting question. The foremost thing to understand is that the length of Indian trains depends upon the length of the loop line and the length of the railway platform.

The length of the train should never exceed the length of the Loop Line as it has to fit in the loop line because when the other train wants to access the mainline, this train should fit into loop line and give way to other to avoid accidents. One more important thing is, it should not be lengthier than the platform because all the coaches of the train should have the easy access to the Platform.

In Indian Railways, the standard length of a loop line will be around 650 meters. In order the train to fit in this loop line, the train length should not exceed 650 meters.

An average coach length will be around 25 meters, hence in 650 meters 24 coaches and an engine can be accommodated comfortably. Hence passenger trains can have maximum 24 coaches. It varies from 12 to 24 coaches based on the route and train type.

When it comes to goods train, even it should not exceed the loop line length for the same reasons. But the wagons of a goods train, BOX, BOXN, BOXN-HL will be around 11 to 15 meters in length. Generally, the wagons in one rake can be from 40 to 58 maximum based on the length of the boxes.

Hence, a goods train can have 58 wagons and passenger train can have only 24 coaches.

Updated on 29-Apr-2022 05:55:03