Why Ember.js is the best javascript frame work?

Ember.js is the best framework. The user of Ember.js is increasing day by day. The popularity of ember.js is 6.3% of JavaScript developers currently using ember. Its popularity has stood over the last two years. Ranked 4th most popular JavaScript framework.

Ember.js is an MVVM (Model−view−view−model) model framework for complex and multiple-page applications and it is an open-source framework.

It is a very redefined control system that helps you to integrate with the new version without any problems. Ember.js is a free javascript client-side framework it is used for developing web applications. It is providing the complete solution which contains data management and application flow.

Features of Ember.js

Ember.js provides a command line interface for an ambitious web application that allows you to interact with the operating systems. It gives you the project structure with procolli.js build pipeline ensuring life reload and quick rebuild.

Following are the major features of the Ember.js framework −

  • Powerful add−ons − The ecosystem and the size of ember.js are well developed, so you can be certain you will find the right one that will help to solve your problems. It is a dedicated website where the packages are grouped by category, including individual ones and specific documentation.

  • Convention over configuration − Although this is widely linked to Ruby on Rails, Ember also makes use of it. Those well−defined best practices are built within the framework together with the tools for updating them. In the 9/10 scenario, Ember is making a better choice for boosting your productivity and building speed.

  • Ember CLI − Command Line Interface is the main tool for code generation, running tests inside the browser, and live recompilation, most of the popular frameworks use CLI tools similar to ember.

Following are some other features of Ember −

  • There is no need to write more code because Ember provides the inbuilt templating solution.

  • The opinionated architecture of ember prevents waste of time on unimportant decisions.

  • Friendly API that makes app development efficient and developer friendly.

  • Complete toolkit (Ember CLI) A robust toolkit to create, develop, and built an ember application.

  • Built−in routing support.