Why do we cry? Can it be controlled?

Humans cry to express their emotional state which may be sadness, anger or joy. It’s a powerful nonverbal communication used by all ages of people to express their strong inner feelings. Shedding tears is common in almost every human being to express their emotions.

There can be both positive and negative tears. Crying can be a result of profound joy or happiness, feeling blissful or ultimate contention or due to sadness or feeling helpless.

People cry when they feel emotionally stressed or busted. Crying may not be always out of sadness or frustration or hopelessness, though. It’s a way of expressing the deep inner thoughts of a person. Emotional Crying can be due to frustration and suffering or the overwhelming joy of receiving some good news, but it is always a reflexive response to the situations at that moment.

When it comes to controlling the crying, most of us have heard that crying is good for us. It relieves us from stress, removes heaviness in the heart and thereby makes us feel better after crying out. Emotional crying results in a sense of helplessness or feeling powerless or losing control over the situation and not able to do anything about that.

It is also true for some people, crying for every small thing is a common practice. They start crying and try to grab attention from people around them and try to get their way out.

Babies cry to grab the attention of their mothers and that is their signaling system to communicate with the mother that something is wrong and they are not comfortable.

Human tears can be either basal/reflex tears or emotional tears. Babies are not conscious about being manipulative, so we can say their tears range between these two.

But we should be aware of grown up adults who shed emotional tears to manipulate others to get their way through. They use it as a powerful manipulative device. We can see that emotional tears can have both advantages and disadvantages. Such tears cannot be controlled as they are out of a deliberate effort to win over the situation and get away with the best piece of cake.