Which are the universities in the US that give scholarships in script writing?

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Creative writing allows to express one’s thoughts, emotions, and feelings along with the information shared or in the form of the information shared. One may have the dream to pursue scriptwriting from the U.S. A, but if one thinks that due to lack of finances this dream may never turn into reality; one is bound to be ignorant of the leading universities providing scholarship there.

List of Universities of the U.S.A. Providing Scholarship for Script Writing

  • Lake Forest College in Chicago, Illinois, distributes scholarships to deserving applicants. The award amounts range between $1,000-$5,000 per academic year and are decided on the basis of grade point scored by the student.

  • Eckerd College in St Petersburg is another dream college of many students. Here also things are based on merit and scholarship is awarded to worthy candidates.

  • The University of Louisville in Louisville, KY offers script writing scholarships for both undergraduate and graduate students.

  • Duke University students are awarded scholarships for being a part of the Rotary club too, at times.

  • Indiana University Of Bloomington has many students who have been awarded scholarships for script writing and they then turned great novelists or dramatists.

  • American Association of University is famous for awarding scholarships to women international students.

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