When are you supposed to leave a job?

This is not true that everyone leaves a job in frenzy. Sometimes things in personal and professional life go asymmetrical and one has to leave a job. However, champions know how and when to leave a job. Let’s know about it:

The Gallop Poll happened in 2014 reveals that 68% of employees are not actively attached to their workplace. You will be surprised to know that many companies including MNCs have dissatisfied employees. Is being unhappy at work a reason to quit a job? Or Don't you consider leaving a job a personal failure?

Seth Godin in his book ‘The Dip’ mentions, “Winners keep on progressing even in the difficult times and they never leave the right job instantly; therefore, receive splendid results. On the contrary, they consider switching a long-term strategy to reach the desired place. Let’s understand what can be your correct reasons to leave your current employer.

Possess No Rights

Do you feel like a stranger in your company? It may be possible you just do not fit in the majority of the workplace itself if negative or maybe the workplace is not up to the mark. Leave the company if you are being exploited there. If you notice something illegal going on at your workplace, the best option is to quit. If the work culture is negative then you can look for some better options.

Turbulence In Life

If some changes have occurred in your personal life and you are being compelled to move from one city to another or the goals of life have been changed then you can test your need to move on. Maybe your company is going through a restructuring phase, everyone is leaving, and your role is being minimized then you have to be proactive to survival and success.

End of Staircase

Don’t you see growth in your current job? Then this is the best time to analyze. Find out the reason for not getting growth. Are you at the verge of its hierarchy? Or the staircase is blocked. Has your job content not changed despite getting the promotion? You have to brainstorm. Discuss this with your professional friends.