What's the best way to trim std::string in C++?

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Here we will see how to trim the strings in C++. The trimming string means removing whitespaces from left and right part of the string.

To trim the C++ string, we will use the boost string library. In that library, there are two different methods called trim_left() and trim_right(). To trim string completely, we can use both of them.


using namespace std;
   string myStr = " This is a string ";
   cout << "The string is: (" << myStr << ")" << endl;
   //trim the string
   cout << "The string is: (" << myStr << ")" << endl;
   cout << "The string is: (" << myStr << ")" << endl;


$ g++ test.cpp
$ ./a.out
The string is: (       This is a string         )
The string is: (       This is a string)
The string is: (This is a string)
Published on 07-May-2019 11:43:45