What resources are required to replace/modify at the core level of the operating system?

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The Windows Operating System is one of the most used Operating Systems in the world. It is known for its user-friendliness, interactive and simple user interface. There are certain issues with the windows operating system that need to be resolved in order to improve its performance even further.

Some of these factors and the areas of improvement are discussed in brief down below −

  • As the system gets older, it gets slower and the rebooting takes a lot of time.

  • Most of the time the system is running out of space to install an update, so in order to deal with it. We would have decreased the size of the update.

  • Sometimes it is very hard for the windows user to get away with the notifications as the system just keeps shooting the notifications to the user, and there are just so many pop ups over the edge web browser and this is not just annoying but also a threat to the user’s privacy.

  • Data privacy and information security has been one of the most challenging issues for Microsoft lately and it is because of the fact that many times the windows based systems have been attacked and compromised by the hackers.

  • Consumes a lot of data and requires a larger bandwidth to download and install the updates and the information from the internet.

Let us look at the abstract view of the operating system so that we can get an idea what exactly we have to do to upgrade or to create a new operating system.


The hardware components present at the bottom shown in above diagram. It is considered as the most important part of a computer system. To protect the hardware from direct access, it is placed at the lowest level of hierarchy. Hardware components include circuits, input output device, monitor etc.

Operating system runs in the kernel mode of the system so that it can access hardware components and can execute all machine instructions. Other part of the system runs in user mode.

Published on 25-Nov-2021 11:46:58