What makes something to go viral?

The internet is the most craziest place we have ever witnessed because there are content creators who put all their sweat and blood to create the best content but hardly get the desired response from the audience out there. On the other hand, some content despite being substandard, make people go gaga about it within minutes and hours. This made me ponder upon the key factor involved in it. What makes any content whether good, better or best go viral.


They are influential people who introduce content they want to make viral to common people and get the content in limelight. When these tastemakers start sharing content, the process picks up the pace and many others start acknowledging it.


Once this influential personnel share the content, communities start picking it up and that is where their key role comes into the picture because they are the ones that have masses at their radar. They are responsible for sending the content to bunches of masses and other communities. Moreover, they also add their views to this.

Unique and Unexpected

If we observe the current scenario in the internet world, we will find that it is packed with content. This content is so huge that no one can ever imagine to consume it. No matter how good it is. Therefore, virility has been formed. It makes the content reach to its expected audience. However, virility stresses upon two things; unique and unexpected. Content that stands out is expected to get viral more often.

Updated on: 30-Jul-2019


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