What made iphone the game changer in the world of smartphones?

Apple launched iPhone in 2007 and caused a tidal wave of change throughout the mobile phone industry. It was the only smartphone with just one functional button (home button) which created a revolution in the market.

Apple Store

  • Apple has invented apple store for its product where you can download software safely.

  • The invention of the apple store, created a revolution because you can download any type of software for your phone which is compatible with the i phone. Apple store can only be accessed by an apple phone user.

  • Before iPhone, the idea of using on-screen keyboard on a phone was unimaginable. When most computing is done with a touchscreen keyboard, all the historians will remember that the iPhone made it possible by forcing the user community to overcome their struggle with the idea of an on-screen keyboard.

Impact on the Gaming industry

  • Before 2007, most of the games were delivered by gaming consoles like PlayStation Portable or Nintendo DS or by any other PC. iPhone has expanded gaming industry for mobile phones.

  • iPhone has created a revolution by inventing touch-based games on a mobile phone.

Other Features

  • iPhone has created an impact on other industries too, for example, the health industry.

  • iPhone provides Health app on the phone itself and this is an inbuilt feature of iPhone. Apple before iPhone was much known for their computer but after the launch of iPhone all the dynamics have been changed.

  • Now, 60% of the revenue Apple makes is out of an iPhone. It has 1.3 billion USD unit sale all over the globe and generating 800 billion USD in revenue.

  • Apple iPhone provides quality in product and it is not that the other smartphones do not maintain quality but the iPhone has created an impression on people’s mind about the quality and services they provided to us. iPhone has been first in the market to introduce any new technology.

  • Consider iPhone 5S and this was the first ever smartphone with a touch ID and this impressed people but later many phones came up with this technology but iPhone was first one to introduce it and people have been turned to this product because of its sleek design and elegant touch.