What kind of tragedy is depicted in the book King Lear?

Shakespeare is one of the greatest of all writers. He is the one who is remembered for only the magnanimity and grandeur of his works. The works of Shakespeare can be divided into three stages - historical, comedies, and tragedies. Out of the tragedies, King Lear is a melancholic tragedy written in 1605.

Features of Tragedy

  • The hero has a terrible flaw.

  • The mood of foreboding follows the play.

  • Hero has experiences of providence not favoring him.

  • The end is usually the death of one or more people as a part of the play.

  • If not death, there is a downfall of the hero which may be dethroning or anything of that sort.

The Plot of King Lear

Shakespeare represents the most solemn and awful mysteries of life as they actually are and without attempting to make any explanation about them.

The story of Gloucester enlarges the basis of the tragedy. He is suffering from a sin of self-indulgence. Critics even say that "Shakespeare could have saved Cordelia ." The verse sounds appropriate in the context of the pitiless night at the Moor and the madness and sorrow of Lear.

Hence, King Lear is the most heart melting tragedy written by Shakespeare. It is defined as one of the most pathetic tragedies written so far. It explores the issue of egotism and the need for flattery. We can find the influence of modernity which does not appear unnatural at all.