What kind of jobs are there in the IT sector?

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IT sector is an ever-growing industry and there is always a demand for good IT graduates in the industry. It is very important to know about the opportunities before you make a decision about your career.

Jobs in Core IT sector

  • Development of software using various computer languages and programming.

  • Hardware support and programming, maintenance of hardware to support the developers and project managers is a more challenging and more important job for the IT professionals.

  • Developing new sites, networking and testing are the booming career paths in IT.

  • Providing database support, Database administration, backup of the data, these all come under database management which is also the backbone of the company's IT.

  • Developing video games, making animation videos, computer graphics designing and other user interactive technologies have a lot of new opportunities.

  • Creating and maintaining anti-virus and anti-hacking software, the creation of firewalls for networking security, creating the software to arrest cyber crimes and providing cybersecurity is a booming career path for aspirants to want to work in IT sector.

  • Software Testing is also a very high fetching career path because any new software has to be tested vigorously as the development of software involves a lot of expenditure and company cannot afford to use software which has bugs.

Jobs on the Business side of the IT sector

  • Consulting jobs are very high-profile and highly paid Jobs in IT sector. These IT consultants will advise the businesses on how to use the technology to do their business more efficiently and earn more profits with reduced investment costs.

  • Project Management is also a top management job which usually involves a Senior professional who will monitor the project. It involves the Project manager through the project, right from the development, preparing deadlines, monitoring the progress of the project and completing it successfully.

  • Sales and marketing side of the IT sector also provides a lot of jobs. These employees will market and sell the software and hardware developed by companies or individuals. If they understand the product, it will be easier for them to sell the product.

  • Freshers and people with 1-2 years of experience can look for jobs like Customer support executives, customer relationship managers and other jobs in BPO.

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