What is the panel command to display all DB2 database components?

Problem: Give and explain the panel command to display all the components of DB2 database DSNDB01 along with their status.


A DB2 is a relational database which can be visualized to have both physical as well as logical structures. The physical structure contains components like log files, bufferpools, control files etc. On the other logical structure contains components like tablespace, indexspace, tables, views, packages, plans, etc.

The components of physical structure have restricted access and only DBAs can access those files. However, it is possible for us to view components of logical structure using any of the below 2 options.

  • Using DB2 administration facility provided with DB2 z/OS installation. In this utility, using a database name we can find out all the objects like tables, packages, plans, etc residing inside this database.
  • The more convenient way to find out components of logical structure within a DB2 database is panel command. The following panel command will help us to achieve this.

Here, DI indicates DISPLAY which is followed by the DB identifier indicating database. Finally, the database name has to be given in braces.