What is the need for Information Security?

Information security is the avoidance and protection of computer assets from unauthorized access, use, modification, degradation, destruction, and multiple threats. There are two main sub-types including physical and logical. Physical information security contains tangible protection devices. Logical information security contains non-physical protection.

Information security defines protecting information and information systems from unauthorized access, use, acknowledgment, disruption, alteration or destruction. Governments, military, financial institutions, hospitals, and private businesses amass a big deal of confidential data about their employees, users, products, research and monetary status.

Computer systems are vulnerable to several threats that can inflict multiple types of damage resulting in essential losses. This damage can area from errors damage database probity to fires spoiling whole computer centers. Losses can stem from the elements of probably trusted employees cheating a system, from external hackers, or from careless data entry assistant.

Information assets are essential to any business and vital to the survival of some organization in globalize digital economy. Information leak is unacceptable. Confidential data about a businesses users or finances or new product line fall into the hands of a competitor, including breach of security can lead to lost business, law suits or even failure of the business.

An information leak denotes that security measures were not implemented. Improper information security hurts both users and merchant. A security breach is not best for anyone.

Information security is the only thing that maintains computerized commerce running. Security breach can break the confidence of the user. It can take long time to reconstruct that trust. Information security is needed for the goodwill of the business. Hence companies are thinking about compute information security on the basis of a possible breach.

Information security is needed because some organizations can be damaged by hostile application or intruders. There can be multiple forms of damage which are interrelated. These includes −

  • It can be damage or destruction of computer systems.

  • It can be damage or destruction of internal data.

  • It can be used to loss of sensitive information to hostile parties.

  • It is the use of sensitive information to steal items of monetary value.

  • It is the use of sensitive information against the organization’s customers which may result in legal action by customers against the organization and loss of customers.

  • It is used to damage to the reputation of an organization.

  • It can be used to monetary damage due to loss of sensitive information, destruction of data, hostile use of sensitive data, or damage to the organization’s reputation.

Updated on: 03-Mar-2022

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