What is the motivation to implement a micro-kernel in an operating system?

Micro kernel is one of the classifications of kernel and is often represented as μ- kernel. It is software which provides a mechanism to implement an operating system.

The functions or mechanism for implementation are as follows −

  • Inter-process communication

  • Thread management

  • Low level address space management

In the micro kernel, user services and kernel services are kept in different address spaces. User services are placed in user address space. Kernel services are placed in kernel services. Therefore, the size of the kernel and size of the operating system is minimized or reduced.

Given below is the diagram of micro kernel −

It is very secure and reliable and is also portable. It provides some processes for process management and memory management.

Micro-kernel also provides service as given below −

  • CPU-Scheduling.

  • Inter-process communication.

  • Memory management.

Motivation of implementing a micro kernel in operating system −

Expansion of an operating system is very easy, it is portable. We can add microkernel to system applications. It will not affect the kernel in any way.

Micro kernel is small in size. Hence it is fast and functions well. They are smaller than monolithic kernels.

Source code size is also small. The size of the MINI 3 micro kernel has 12,000 lines of code. It gives high throughput.

Updated on: 30-Nov-2021


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