What is the meaning of the phrase 'the use of the right vocabulary' for a writing task?

How many times does it happen when we read a text we are able to relate to? We want to read more and more of it. Simply because things get into our head with so much ease and so much simplicity.

But sometimes, exactly opposite to this happens. We fall in a situation, wherein we do not know as to what is wrong with the text, but we try hard to pick it up, and again get either bored of it or feel confused because of extreme verbosity used by the author in the text.

All this happens due to the interplay of vocabulary. Right vocabulary means the use of correct words - not too less and not too much. Now that does not mean that words should be balanced before using, but definitely, there has to be some measure, quality, and temperance which will help the author in predetermining the interests of the supposed readers.

Myth Related To Usage of the Right Vocabulary

Some people feel that using unique and archaic words is good as it helps in increasing the overall attention of the user, thereby also helps the overall reach of the text. But, then these people fail to realize that flowery words do not matter as much as the feeling one gets upon reading a text.

How to Improve and Include Right Vocabulary?

  • Read more and more.
  • Keep a dictionary and refer every now and then for difficult words
  • Go back to your roots. Start with the basics.
  • Play some games related to vocabulary.
  • Engage in conversations with people who speak or write well.

Thus, writers should use 'Familiar style', as discussed by William Hazlitt in his essay "On Familiar Style", which is not about using pedantic, showy, lengthy words. But using impressive, easy to relate to vocabulary.