What is the introduction of Cloud of Things (CoT)?

Cloud of Things (CoT) is an integration of Internet of Things (IoT) with Cloud Computing (CC). The Cloud of Things is a high-performance cloud-based IoT application platform that allows remotely monitoring, managing and control the IoT enabled devices.

Architecture of Cloud of Things

The CoT is used to represent the ongoing trend for the next generation applications of IoT smart services.

The IoT objects which generate a large amount of data that will be processed and analyzed in the Cloud in order to produce important information. That information is very sensitive information used by many smart services and/or applications.

Therefore, to achieve the objective of efficiently managing the large amount of data, the existing cloud architecture needs to be reinforced.

This enhancement is important to be more efficient and practical for the IoT based real-time services in terms of energy consumption, security, privacy, and end-to-end delays.

To overcome these two last problems, cloud architectures are migrating to distributed architectures which are closer to the network edge like it is the case for Cloudlets, micro-cloud and fog nodes.

The CoT networks, with these distributed architectures, can gain many facilities. The CoT ecosystem describes it as a tiered architecture which is made of diverse devices interconnected.

These objects can be interconnected through various and different networked environments. It acts as a plan for the technology and describes its components.

The diagram given below depicts the architecture of Cloud Of Things:

Applications of CoT

The CoT is applied in the following −

  • Healthcare
  • Smart city
  • Smart Home
  • Smart surveillance
  • Smart energy and smart grid.
  • Smart mobility
  • Smart logistics.
  • Environmental monitoring

CoT Platforms

The Designing CoT platforms lead to the development of smart infrastructures that enable intelligent applications. This Platform is an open source or proprietary.

These are concerned with addressing heterogeneity issues related to both IoT and the CC by implementing a middleware towards the Cloud and another one on the things’ side, in addition to offering an API to ease the interaction with applications.


The challenges faced by CoT and issues involved are as follows −

CoT encourages the improvement of some interesting applications in a considerable number of domains. Moreover, CoT scenario imposes many challenges such as −

  • Security and privacy
  • Heterogeneity
  • Big data
  • Performance.
  • Legal and social aspects
  • Monitoring
  • Scaling
  • Fog computing
  • Energy conservation
  • Pricing and billing
  • Standardization.