What is the difference between Selenium's Remote Control vs WebDriver?

The differences between Selenium RC and Selenium webdriver are listed below −

FunctionalitiesSelenium RCSelenium Webdriver
Needs the server to trigger test execution.
No need for the server to trigger test execution.
Object Oriented
Not much support from object oriented concepts.
Majority of tests based on object oriented concepts.
Dynamic Locators
No identification of elements with dynamic locators.
Identification of elements with dynamic locators.
No support for alerts.
Supports alerts.
Mouse Actions
No support for mouse actions.
Supports mouse actions.
No support to handle dropdown.
Supports handling dropdown.
No support for iPhone/Android testing.
Supports iPhone/Android testing
No support for Listener.
Supports Listeners.
It does not communicate directly with the browser. So it is slower in execution.
Execution is fast as it communicates directly with the browser.
Based on JavaScript.
Not based on JavaScript.
Absolute xpath available.
Has absolute and relative xpath.
No support for navigation.
Supports navigation.
Headless execution
No support for headless execution.
Supports headless execution.
Selenium Core
Server injects Selenium core (a JavaScript program) to the browser. The Selenium Core gets the commands from the RC server. Selenium Core executes the commands in JavaScript. Then the JavaScript commands provide instructions to the browser. Finally, the browser runs the instructions given by the Selenium Core and sends a complete status of the execution to the server. This final execution result is the output received by the user.
No Selenium Core. Communication directly with the browser. The browser runs the instructions produced by the test.
Report generation
Capable of generating HTML test reports.
Not capable of generating HTML test reports.
Has complicated and redundant APIs.
User−friendly and simple APIs.
Community Support
Limited community support.
Big and extensive community support.

Selenium RC Architecture diagram −

Img src:https://www.tutorialspoint.com/selenium/selenium_rc.htm

Selenium WebDriver Architecture diagram −

Img src − https://www.tutorialspoint.com/what−is−web−driver−in−selenium

Updated on: 02-Feb-2021


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