What is the difference between Encryption and Cryptography?

Let us begin by learning about encryption.


Encryption can scramble the information so that only authorized persons can unscramble the conversation records. Encryption operates by encoding the original data or plaintext with the support of sophisticated algorithms that transform it to unreadable text or ciphertext.

A decryption key would be required to revert to a readable structure. Encryption is best adapted for unstructured fields or databases that are not transformed regularly or saved in multiple systems. It can be used to protect sensitive information including payment card information (PCI), personally identifiable information (PII), financial account numbers, etc.

Types of Encryption

There are two types of Encryption which are as follows −

  • Asymmetric Encryption − There are two numerically related keys, as the public key and private keys are created to encrypt and decrypt the message. Asymmetric encryption is treated as more secure than symmetric encryption.

  • Symmetric Encryption − Symmetric encryption is also defined as conventional or single key Encryption. It is based on a secret key, which both communicating parties share. The sending party encrypts the plain text to cipher text messages using the secret key. The receiving party on receipt of the ciphertext message uses a similar secret key to decrypt it to plain text.


Cryptography is the method of transmitting secured information and communications via some programs so that only the destined person understands the actual records that are shared. This mode of process intercepts unauthorized accessibility for the information.

Encoding of data in cryptography follows numerical hypotheses and few computations defined as algorithms. The encoded information is transmitted so that it makes it difficult to find the original information. These sets of rules are used in the process of digital signing, authentication to secure information, cryptographic key development, and safeguard all your financial transactions.


The major differences between Encryption and Cryptography are as follows −

It is the process of converting plain text into a cipher, which can’t be figured out without a key.Cryptography defines securing a message using the encryption and decryption methods.
Encryption is the application of cryptography.It is the art of generating codes using the methods of encryption and decryption.
There are two types of encryptions such as symmetric or asymmetric.There are the following types of cryptography such as Data Encryption Standard, Advanced Encryption Standard, and Rivest–Shamir–Adleman (RSA) Algorithm.
It is essential to modern data security, mainly digital signatures, and to protect sensitive electronic data, such as emails and passwords.It is widely used in electronic commerce, digital currencies, military communications, and chip-based card payments.