What is the difference between data and information in DBMS?

Before understanding the difference between data and information, let’s have a look at the definitions of data and information with an example.


Data is the raw material that can be processed for any computing machine.

For example − Employee name, Product name, Name of the student, Marks of the student, Mobile number, Image etc.


Information is the data that has been converted into more useful or intelligent form.

For example: Report card sheet.

The information is needed for the following reasons −

  • To gain knowledge about the surroundings.

  • To keep the system up to date.

  • To know about the rules and regulations of the society.


The human mind purposefully organizes the information and evaluates it to produce knowledge.

Example of data, information and knowledge

A student secures 450 marks. Here 450 is data, marks of the student is the information and hard work required to get the marks is knowledge.


The major differences between Data and Information are as follows −

Data is the raw fact.It is a processed form of data.
It is not significant to a business.It is significant to a business.
Data is an atomic level piece of information.It is a collection of data.
Example: Product name, Name of student.Example: Report card of student.
It is a phenomenal fact.It is organized data.
This is the primary level of intelligence.It is a secondary level of intelligence.
May or may not be meaningful.Always meaningful.
Understanding is difficult.Understanding is easy.


The diagram given below depicts the use of data and information in a database −