What is the computing environment?

In computers there are different types of computing technologies and all are different from each other. By using this we are finding output based on the input given by the user.

In a computing environment the user can use a particular computing technology and it is responsible for all the types of input and output given by the computer.

The different numbers of computing technologies that are used in OS are as follows −

Traditional computing

In traditional computing the user can use a traditional method like static memory allocation and it is mainly useful in single user operating systems.

In this technique there will be a particular operating system that is going to perform all tasks to that particular computer system.

It is like one task is performed by the CPU at a given time and the CPU utilizes the memory that is used only for one task.

Now-a-days the traditional computing uses the CPU scheduling method and it is used in desktop, server and other different computers so that the user can manage and give a slice of computer memory to other processes.

Mobile computing

It refers to the smart phones and tablets and these types of devices having different features.

According to mobile computing they can be recognized with the help of storage size, memory size and the service available by the company.

When a process is working on a mobile system and it uses some memory space with the help of RAM then the calculation regarding the memory space and connection is known as mobile computing.

Client-server computing

In client-server computing there is a technology available by using a client and server that are connected with each other with the help of a network. When some process or program transfers from client to server or server to client then the memory and I/O calculations is called client-server computing.

Basically in the internet the user can use this technology and a network is used to connect the server with the client. So, that the client and server are connected with each other for client-server computing.

The figure given below depicts client-server computing −

Peer to peer network

In Peer to Peer computing a node first joins the network and a number of nodes are directly connected to the network, so every single node has a direct connection with all the other nodes and this type of computing is called Peer to Peer computing.

The Peer to Peer network is a network which is based on specific tasks and it is a centralized service where one single node will be connected to all the other nodes just like our computer where CPU is connected to all resources to perform operation.

The figure given below depicts peer to peer network computing −

Cloud computing

Cloud computing is a type of computing which delivers computing storage and services across the network.

All the data is stored in cloud computing because it can be used by different servers to store their data and use whenever they want.

In cloud computing different types of servers are used and storage manager is used to manage the computing and there will be cloud management service through which different companies are directly connected with it and store their data.

Embedded or real time computing

In real time embedded system computing the real time OS is used and in this computing technique the OS that is used is real time OS.

When the real time system has defined the time that is fixed and processing must be done within that defined time.

In real time embedded computing, it is to control the scientific experiment, medical image system, industrial control system, automobile engine fuel system and their processing time calculation can be done with the help of real time OS.