What is the computer architecture that supports the operating system?

There are different operating systems for different kinds of computers and processors. They are divided into different categories.

Single processor system

Single CPU or processor that manages the computer and it runs on a different operating system, and performs a number of tasks using one processor called a single processor system.

In a single processor system different types of tasks can be performed like disk control, user control, system control etc.

The figure given below depicts the single processor system −

Multiprocessor system

When one task can be performed by using multiple processors then it is called a multiprocessor system.

In a multiprocessor system a number of processors are involved to perform a particular task so that the task can be performed easily.

In a multiprocessor system the task is divided into sub tasks and these sub tasks are executed by using different processors.

The multiprocessor system is used for time calculations, arithmetic and logic calculation, memory calculation, error detection, CPU system.

The figure given below depicts the multiprocessor system −

Cluster processor system

In cluster processor systems independent systems share common storage and are connected by a high speed internet connection so a number of computer systems are using a processor by the help of cluster systems.

The cluster system is a type of network which can be established by the help of different computer processors and these processors are used to find out the result of a particular task.

In a cluster system the user will be able to use a network and by the help of the network the user connects with a number of processors or a processor connects with a number of users.

The figure given below depicts the cluster processor system −