What is the breakpoint in PowerShell?

Breakpoint in the PowerShell is the part of the debugger in the PowerShell commands. We use the breakpoints in PowerShell mainly for troubleshooting and logging purpose.

There are three ways to set the breakpoint in PowerShell.

  • Line BreakPoint (Can set the breakpoint for single or multiple lines)
  • Command BreakPoint (Can set the breakpoint for commands or functions)
  • Variable Breakpoint (Can set the breakpoint on a variable or multiple variables).

We can’t set the breakpoint for the remote computer. To set the breakpoint for the remote computer, we first need to copy the script to the remote computer and then need to set the breakpoint as a local breakpoint.

When you set the breakpoint and run the script, you will enter debugger mode. For example,

To set the breakpoint we can use the Set-PSBreakpoint command.

To get the breakpoints that are already set, we can use the Get-PSBreakpoint command.

To remove the breakpoints, we can use the Remove-PSBreakpoint command.

Once the breakpoints are set, we can use the keywords mentioned in the MS site to step in, step out, or get out of the debugger mode as shown below.


Updated on: 20-Nov-2020


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