What is stalkerware?

People are becoming aware of the dangers posed by hackers who employ viruses, spyware, and malware to infect gadgets. However, it may be time to focus attention on "stalkerware," an entirely distinct form of cyber security threat that has long-term consequences.

What is Stalkerware?

Stalkerware is a term used to describe intrusive software that runs on computers and cellphones and sends every piece of information about you to another person. This includes anything from software that activates your Mac's webcam without your knowledge to tools that can be purchased online and provide third parties access to almost everything on your computer, from images, text messages, and emails to individual keystrokes.

Stalkerware is surveillance software or spyware that is used to track people online. When people began to widely utilise commercial spyware to spy on their wives or intimate relationships, the word was born. Stalkerware has been chastised for being used by stalkers, abusers, and employers.

How Does a Stalkerware Spread?

Installing stalkerware on a victim's phone requires physical access to the device being watched. That implies if someone can keep their phone on their person and prevent anybody else from using it, the odds of stalkerware being installed are minimal.

  • Internet users do not need to be concerned about falling for a phishing email scam or clicking on a bad link that installs stalkerware on their phone.

  • Surreptitiously installing stalkerware on a person's phone, on the other hand, is not difficult. This is why, it is critical for all mobile device users to use a PIN number, pattern, or password to obtain access and to make it a practice to change these on a frequent basis to be secure.

  • Before installing stalkerware, the malicious hacker must first obtain the spyware installation package from the stalkerware developer's website through a link. Reputable app shops like Google Play and the Apple iStore have prohibited all stalkerware.

  • If a person suspects they are being stalked, they should check their device settings or Internet activity history since this might leave a trail of evidence.

  • Purchasing a new smartphone and giving it to the victim as a gift is a systematic way to ensure that stalkerware gets installed on their phone. The culprit can then guarantee that stalkerware is placed on the device before the victim uses it.

How to Remain Safe from Stalkerware?

It's critical to remember the following vital methods to improve your cyber security and keep your device safe from stalkerware −

  • Allow no one to use your phone unless you are there to monitor what they are doing with it. Do not leave your phone unlocked, and try to often change your password or PIN on a regular basis.

  • No one, including your partner, family members, children, or close acquaintances, should know your password or pin.

  • Delete apps you don't use regularly, and examine the permissions allowed to each app.

  • On Android smartphones, turn off the opportunity to install third-party apps.

Updated on: 07-Feb-2022


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