What is Selenese ?

Selenium IDE by default has a language system commonly called Selenese. It is a group of commands used to perform operations on the web. It primarily helps to develop scripts in Selenium IDE.

It can verify if an element is present on a screen, alerts, Ajax calls, links and many more. There are three types of commands used in Selenese. They are as the following −

  • Actions − These are the commands which can change the condition of an application. For example, clicking a checkbox, submitting a form, selecting an option from dropdown. In case the action is not performed on the page, the test will fail and the test execution is terminated. Some of the popular

    Selenium commands are listed below.

    • Click

    • ClickAndWait

  • Some of the actions can be used with the suffix of AndWait like ClickAndWait. This provides instruction to Selenium that the action will make the browser to call the server and simultaneously Selenium shall wait for the loading of the new page.

  • Accessors − These commands verify the state of application. It is used to keep a track on the application and store it in a variable. For example,

    • storeTitle

    • storeTextAccessors – checks if the expected outcome is available on page and the resultant output is stored in a variable.

  • Assertions – It is used for checking the state of application against the expected conditions. It basically adds a checkpoint or verification in the automation tests. It comprises three modes of verify, assert and waitfor. For example:

    • Verify value in an edit box

    • assertText

    • verifyText

    • verifyTitle

Updated on: 10-Jun-2020

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