What is Maven in selenium?

Maven is Yiddish Word which means Accumulator of Knowledge. Maven is a tool which is used for building and managing Java Based Projects. Basically to put it in simple words is a way to manage dependency for Java Based Project. Maven can be used when building project with POM (Page Object Model) when working on big projects.

Below are the objectives which can be achieved with maven −

  • Easier and Uniform build process.
  • Providing quality project information
  • Easy Docmentation
  • Best practices development
  • Manage the dependencies

Lets understand them one by one

  • Easier and Unfirom Build Process

    Maven provides pom.xml configuration files where all information such as construction directory, source directory, test source directory set of plugins etc, which are shared by all projects.

  • Providing quality project information

    Maven provides information present in pom. It provides Unit test reports, list of mailing lists, dependency lists, cross-referenced sources,etc.

  • Easy Documentation

    It will manage your Selenium test project’s build compilation, documentation and other related project tasks itself. It helps to create proper project structure,add and manage jar files in project’s build path.

  • Best practices development

    It easily guides the project by gathering current principles for best practices development. Test source codes are kept in separate but parallel source tree. Naming conventions are used to locate and execute test cases. By a proper project structure, we can easily navigate to other projects that use Maven.

  • Manage the dependencies

    According to the webdriver version, Maven downloads all the required files in the local repository called m2. Later if there is any change in version of WebDriver, then only pom.xml needs to be modified. Mavan will automatically download the new version jars and store in local repository.