What is Happiness Planner/Journal? How to use a happiness journal?

The Happiness Planner / Journal is a planner designed to help you make a habit of listing down the events of our life which give us happiness. It can help us in embracing the power of positive thinking, gratitude, and thanking for the positive events of your life. The Happiness journal helps us to increase positive attitude towards life and fills us with self-awareness and feeling contended from within.

A happiness journal is a record of the things that make you happy every day, it is like a list of things that made you happy today or yesterday or day before yesterday. You can maintain a handwritten planner or it can be an electronic journal where you keep all the records on a phone or computer or laptop or tab, a photo journal or a music journal.

In such planners, you can note down what made you happy today. You can also maintain an Electronic Journal which can be on your mobile or laptop.

How to use Happiness Journal?

  • Write down the positive thoughts of the day at the start of the day. Start each day as a new beginning with a positive thought. Set goals & dreams that bring out your real personality and give meaning to your life.

  • Write down the goals you want to achieve that day, and which leads you to have one more contented day of your life.

  • Plan to make changes in the situations of life that are making to you unhappy.

  • Plan to build your mental strength and positive thinking attitude.

  • Throughout the day keep noting the small and big events or situations that made you happy. Living every moment with awareness leaves you complete and fulfilled.

  • Review your goals and check how much was achieved that day at the end of the day.

Happiness Planner is all about starting each day with a positive thought and ending each day with thanks and gratitude for the well-lived and contended day. Live one day at a time and that too live consciously is the mantra of HAPPINESS in life.