What is FPS?

Frames Per Second or FPS is the rate at which back to back images called frames appear in a display and form moving imagery.

Generally, the video content that we consume daily is not moving. They are still images played one after the other. Suppose if a video is shot at 24fps that means every frame is played back 24 times in a second. They change at a different rate across mediums depending on a lot of other factors.

The frames per second used to the speed at which a camera can capture photos. The old cameras top-of-the-line pro bodies are capable of capturing up to 14 photos in a single second (14 fps). This technology is evolving rapidly now it has reached an even higher level.

The speed, at which the camera can shoot, depends on several factors. These factors are as follows −

  • It includes the speed at which the shutter mechanism can re-cock itself and the speed of the camera’s internal memory.

  • When we capture a photo, the camera first writes that photo to internal memory called the buffer.

  • The buffer then pushes the photo file over to your memory card.

  • This is where we can get a bottleneck in the process.

  • Higher end cameras use faster internal memory that allows more photos to be written to it in a shorter time.

  • FPS can also be affected by the speed of your memory card!

  • If you have a camera which shoots 14fps, but you inserted a slow memory card in it, the camera cannot clear the buffer fast enough to continue shooting at its maximum pace.

  • For pro bodies, always use fast, pro-grade memory cards!

The Sports and wildlife photographer will pay more attention to FPS because it can really make the difference when trying to capture that perfectly timed shot. The standard frame rate for 1 second video is 24 frames.

Frame rate

The frame rate depends on the kind of video you are aiming for.

  • Cinematic: If you are doing a cinematic look then 24fps is required.

  • Social Media Videos, Ads and YouTube − If you are shooting it for social media it takes 30fps which is the default and most widely used format. If you’re shooting action videos and you want them to look more realistic or play around with them later, we suggest you shoot at 50 or 60fps.

  • Old School − If you want the film to look old, you can shoot at 12-16fps.

  • 30 and 60 are the common fps available on smartphones for your regular social media posts.