What is file hierarchy structure and how does it solve the naming problem?

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Linux File Hierarchy Structure is defining the directory structure and the contents of the directory which have been alike to the Unix-like Operating Systems. It is maintained by the Linux Foundation.

They are being used for looking at all files and the directories which appear under the root directory. They can be looked upon even if they have been stored on different physical or virtual devices.

Even if some of these directories only exist on the particular systems or certain subsystems that can include the OS X, Windows System is installed.


The importance of file hierarchy structure is given below −

  • The biggest importance of the file structure is that it maintains an structure of the files in the operating system which further provides with the system hierarchy and helps the user to look for the directories easily.

  • It helps in saving time, organizing directories and files and also maintaining the file systems.


The problems of file hierarchy structure are given below −

  • When looking into the file structure there will be no maintenance of the files and the directories will be saved here and there which will increase the ambiguity in the file systems.

  • The problem in the file system hierarchy is that it makes it easy for the user to handle the file system and without it there will be a lot of problems in searching, managing and updating the file structures.

Now let us see the hierarchical file-system and how to solve the naming problem faced in a single directory file-system.

In a single directory file system all the files are basically stored in one directory, it is very simple to implement and use but then there are limitations if there are too many files or more users, because all files are in a single directory they must have a unique name, for suppose if more than one user call a datasets test then the unique name rule is violated.

In hierarchical file system the advantage is each user gets their directory and are able to store their files in their own directories or better can even make sub directories so that grouping files would be much easier, it is due to this grouping each file in the system would have a unique path so each file would have a unique path name.

Published on 01-Dec-2021 13:10:39