What is Elliptic Curve Cryptography?

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Elliptic curve cryptography is used to implement public key cryptography. It was discovered by Victor Miller of IBM and Neil Koblitz of the University of Washington in the year 1985. ECC popularly used an acronym for Elliptic Curve Cryptography. It is based on the latest mathematics and delivers a relatively more secure foundation than the first generation public key cryptography systems for example RSA.

Elliptic Curves

In 1985, cryptographic algorithms were proposed based on elliptic curves. An elliptic curve is the set of points that satisfy a specific mathematical equation. They are symmetrical.


  • Websites make extensive use of ECC to secure customers’ hypertext transfer protocol connections.

  • It is used for encryption by combining the key agreement with a symmetric encryption scheme.

  • It is also used in several integer factorization algorithms like Lenstra elliptic-curve factorization.

  • Time stamping uses an encryption model called a blind signature scheme. It is possible using Elliptic Curve Cryptography.

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