What is difference between GET and POST method in HTTP protocol?

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GET method

The GET method sends the encoded user information appended to the page request. The page and the encoded information are separated by the ? character as follows −


The GET method is the default method to pass information from the browser to the web server and it produces a long string that appears in your browser's Location:box. It is recommended that the GET method is better not used. if you have a password or other sensitive information to pass to the server.

The GET method has size limitation: only 1024 characters can be in a request string.

This information is passed using QUERY_STRING header and will be accessible through QUERY_STRING environment variable which can be handled using getQueryString() and getParameter() methods of the request object.

POST method

A generally more reliable method of passing information to a backend program is the POST method.

This method packages the information in exactly the same way as the GET method, but instead of sending it as a text string after a ? in the URL it sends it as a separate message. This message comes to the backend program in the form of the standard input which you can parse and use for your processing.

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