What is client/server network and types of servers?

Local Area networks are of two types − Peer to Peer network and client server network.

Let us discuss about client server network −

Client/Server Network

In client-server network relationships, certain computers act as servers and others act as clients.

A server is simply a computer that provides the network resources and provides service to other computers when they request it. A client is the computer running a program that requests the service from a server. Local area network (LAN) is based on client server network relationship.

A client-server network is one on which all available network resources such as files, directories, applications and shared devices, are centrally managed and hosted and then are accessed by the client.

Client server networks are defined by the presence of servers on a network that provide security and administration of the network.


The advantages of client server network are as follows:

  • It is very secure.
  • Gives better performance.
  • It has centralized backup.
  • It is very reliable.


The disadvantages of client server network are as follows −

  • It requires professional administration.
  • It is more hardware and software intensive.
  • It requires expensive dedicated software.

Types of Servers

The different types of servers are given below −

File server − These servers provide the services for storing, retrieving and moving the data. A user can read, write, exchange and manage the files with the help of file servers.

Printer server − The printer server is used for controlling and managing printing on the network. It also offers the fax service to the network users.

Application server − The expensive software and additional computing power can be shared by the computers in a network with the help of application servers.

Message server − It is used to co-ordinate the interaction between users, documents and applications. The data can be used in the form of audio, video, binary, text or graphics.

Database server − It is a type of application server.