What is a smartwatch? How is it different from other wearable devices?

The smart watch is a new revolutionary product which is completely different from the authentic watches we wear. It is pretty much similar to the smart phone we use in today's life.

A smart watch is capable of displaying the messages, giving call alerts, GPS tracking and through few smart watches, we can be able to attend a call by the use of a microphone and a small speaker present in the smart watch without having to actually take the mobile out of our pockets.

  • The Smart Watch can be connected to Wi-Fi to keep it updated. When Wi-Fi is not available it switches to the mobile data used on your mobile.

  • The Smart watch and Mobile can be connected through either Bluetooth or can be synced using Wi-Fi.

  • The Timex Datalink was the very first watch to download the data from a computer wirelessly, this was in 1994.

  • The Datalink was Co-developed with Microsoft with the use of very ingenious technologies. This was capable of encoding information that was helped in transferring which then was detected by a sensor embedded in the Datalink.

  • The Datalink was a hallmark of scientific ingenuity and was even employed by NASA in various space travel missions.

  • This was also Microsoft’s first innovation into the market in the area of smart watches.

The first smart watch to make a call

  • Samsung was one of the few companies to have introduced smart watch to the android market.

  • The first smart watch capable of making calls was made by Samsung. This happened way back in 1999.

  • The SPH-WP10 featured a monochrome LCD screen and was capable of 90 minutes of talk time with its integrated speaker and microphone.

  • The company gave up its smart watch efforts soon after but once it recognized the potential of the industry a few years ago, it quickly invested in the field again.

The Introduction of Apple Watch

  • After a long period of time, here comes Apple, with their style of groundbreaking technology. Apple introduced The "APPLE WATCH" in 2015 and as usual, changed the game of smart watches.

  • This little machine was capable of doing so many tasks it left people awestruck. It was loaded with a gyroscope, an accelerometer, Heart rate sensor and what not!

  • The apps on your mobile can be accessed through your Apple watch making it the best in the market.

  • Nowadays most of the smart watches are able to calculate your heart-rate, the calories you burn and what not.

All these aspects make the Smart watches stand out from the regular wearable accessories.

Updated on: 18-May-2022


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