What is a hit count for a Webpage?

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A hit counter tells you about the number of visits on a particular page of your web site. Usually, you attach a hit counter with your index.jsp page assuming people first land on your home page.

To implement a hit counter you can make use of the Application Implicit object and associated methods getAttribute() and setAttribute().

This object is a representation of the JSP page through its entire lifecycle. This object is created when the JSP page is initialized and will be removed when the JSP page is removed by the jspDestroy() method.

Following is the syntax to set a variable at the application level −

application.setAttribute(String Key, Object Value);

You can use the above method to set a hit counter variable and to reset the same variable. Following is the method to read the variable set by the previous method −

application.getAttribute(String Key);

Every time a user accesses your page, you can read the current value of the hit counter and increase it by one and again set it for future use.

Updated on 30-Jul-2019 22:30:25