What is a hierarchical database and its elements?

In a hierarchical database, the information is composed in a tree-like structure. The individual information is put away in a field and the fields, thus, structure records. This information is obtained with the assistance of connections between them.

  • In this structure, every one of the information records is connected at long last to a solitary parent record.

  • It is additionally called as the owner of record. The connections between the records are regularly shown as parent-child relations.

  • The best utilization of hierarchical databases is its sending in a library framework as it stores names or book numbers utilizing the Decimal System.

  • This framework takes after a tree-structure by having a similar parent number and afterward branches like trees. Also, we can utilize it to store names in a telephone registry.

Given below is the diagram of the hierarchical database −


The advantages of hierarchical database are as follows −

  • It advances information sharing.

  • Parent/child relationship advances reasonable effortlessness.

  • Database security is given furthermore, implemented by DBMS.

  • Parent/child relationship advances information respectability.

  • It is proficient with 1:M connections.

Disadvantages of Chaining

The disadvantages of hierarchical database are as follows −

  • Complex usage requires learning of physical information stockpiling attributes.

  • Navigational framework yields complex application advancement, the executives, and use; requires information in a hierarchical way.

  • Changes in structure require changes in all application programs.

  • There are usage confinements (no multiparent or M:N connections).

  • There is no information definition or information control language in the DBMS.

  • There is an absence of principles.

Hierarchical element database

It is a model where the elements are connected with each other in the form of links. They are in the form of a tree-like structure. A record is a collection of individual fields and a database is a collection of these records.

For instance,


The above is an individual field.


This is a record. Multiple fields together makeup a record.