What Do You Include in Your Monthly Digital Marketing Report?

Creating a monthly digital marketing report is essential to any business's marketing strategy. By reading these reports, you can gain significant knowledge regarding the performance of your marketing campaigns. This information can help you make informed decisions based on data and fine-tune your marketing strategies to achieve the highest return on investment. However, many businesses need help determining what information to include in their monthly reports, resulting in incomplete or ineffective reports.

This piece aims to assist you in creating a thorough, informative, and actionable monthly digital marketing report. It will provide a framework with essential elements, ensuring your report is comprehensive and insightful. The piece consists of a variety of subjects that you can cover in your monthly digital marketing report, such as outlining your existing marketing plan and examining significant metrics like SEO, traffic, and conversion rates. Let's have a look at the definition of a Digital marketing report.

What is a Digital Marketing Report?

In today's business landscape, digital marketing has become crucial, providing abundant opportunities to connect and interact with customers online. However, monitoring and evaluating the performance of various campaigns and media regularly is essential to ensure the success of digital marketing efforts. It is where a digital marketing report comes into play.

A digital marketing report is a comprehensive document that analyzes various digital marketing activities, such as website traffic, social media engagement, email marketing campaigns, search engine optimization (SEO), pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, and more. It is a crucial tool that helps businesses evaluate the effectiveness of digital marketing strategies, identify improvement areas, and make data-driven decisions.

The primary purpose of a digital marketing report is to provide insights into key performance indicators (KPIs) relevant to a business's digital marketing goals. These KPIs can vary depending on the type of business and its objectives. Understanding the importance of digital marketing and preparing your digital marketing report is essential. Let's look at things to include in a digital marketing report.

What to Include in a Marketing Report?

Marketing reports are an essential aspect of any business's marketing strategy, providing valuable insights into the effectiveness of marketing campaigns. An expertly crafted marketing report has the potential to assist organizations in refining their marketing strategies and enhancing their return on investment (ROI). Here are some vital elements to include in a marketing report −

  • Goals − Begin the report by outlining clear goals for the marketing campaign. It will give stakeholders a better understanding of what the campaign is designed to achieve and how it intends to reach its objectives.

  • Key Performance Indicators − Identify the key performance indicators (KPIs) used to evaluate the effectiveness of the campaign. These KPIs could include metrics like website traffic, lead generation, conversion rates, engagement rates, social media metrics, or customer acquisition costs.

  • Well-Structured Data − Use a well-structured approach to present data, using charts, graphs, and tables where appropriate. It will help stakeholders better understand the data shown and make informed decisions.

  • Insights and Recommendation − Provide insightful analysis and recommendations based on your findings. The study should help stakeholders better understand the data and identify areas where you can improve the campaign. Requests should be actionable and focus on areas where the marketing campaign can be optimized.

  • Progress Updates − Regularly update stakeholders on the marketing campaign’s progress. These updates should include a summary of key metrics, any changes made to the campaign, and the impact of those changes on overall performance.

By including these essential elements in your marketing report, you can provide stakeholders with valuable insights into the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns, enabling them to make informed decisions to optimize their marketing strategies. Let's look at the top 11 things to mention in a digital marketing report.

Top 11 Metrics and Elements for Your Digital Marketing Report

Creating a comprehensive digital marketing report is crucial for any business looking to assess the effectiveness of its marketing efforts. To help you create a complete account, here are the top 11 metrics and elements you should include −

  • Summary Page − Start your report with a summary page that provides a high-level overview of your marketing performance, including key metrics and trends.

  • Current Marketing Strategy − Outline your current strategy and discuss any changes or updates made since the last report.

  • What You Have Done − Provide a summary of the marketing activities you have undertaken since the last report, including campaigns, content creation, and other relevant initiatives.

  • SEO Overview − Analyze the performance of your website's search engine optimization efforts, including rankings, backlinks, and on-page optimization.

  • Traffic Metrics − Report on your website's traffic metrics, including the number of unique visitors, page views, and bounce rates.

  • Conversion Metrics − Discuss your website's conversion metrics, including lead generation, form fills, and sales.

  • PPC Campaigns − Analyze your pay-per-click campaigns, including metrics such as click-through rates, cost per click, and conversion rates.

  • Social Overview − Report on your social media marketing efforts, including follower growth, engagement rates, and social media advertising.

  • Blog Traffic and Lead − Analyze the performance of your blog, including traffic metrics and lead generation efforts.

  • Goals and Ideas − Discuss your marketing goals for the upcoming period and outline any new marketing initiatives or ideas.

  • Financial Projections − Provide financial projections and a breakdown of your marketing budget, including costs associated with advertising, content creation, and other marketing activities.

Including these 11 elements in your digital marketing report will give you an insightful overview of your marketing performance. The information will also enable you to identify areas for improvement and make informed decisions to optimize your marketing strategy. Let's have a look at some final thoughts.


Making a monthly digital marketing report is essential to track the progress of your digital marketing strategies. You must include the above points in your digital marketing report as a digital marketer. To be a top-rated digital marketer in today's fast-paced world, polish your digital marketing skills with Tutorialspoint marketing courses.

Updated on: 02-May-2023


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