What are top JavaScript animation libraries?

Have you ever thought of creating complex animations using CSS, well in JavaScript also there are some libraries which helps in creating animation and tasks that CSS also cannot perform. AS CSS animations are limited in functionality on the other hand JavaScript libraries are fast and reliable

So, this article we will be learning about some of the best JavaScript animation libraries using which you can create animations in JavaScript.

Let’ see some of the JavaScript animation libraries.


Anime.js is known as lightweight animation library which s use to animate HTML, JavaScript objects, CSS selectors and DOM attributes, arrays and many more elements. This gives us full control to the element that are being target.

Some of the functionality in the anime.js is SVG animation, morphing animation, scroll-based animation, line drawing, overlapping effects etc. This library has approx. 48k stars on GitHub.


Three.js is most popular animation library which is dependent on WebGL which give us editor functionality using which we can create and render 3D graphics objects like effects, geometric cubes, camera, scenes, avatars, materials and many more. This library has approx. 85k stars on GitHub under MIT licence.


Velocity.js is a JavaScript library which is a combination of jQuery and CSS transition. Velocity.js provides animations like Scrolling animations, transformation, blazing speed, color animation, SVG animation and manty more.

Velocity.js replaces jQuery’s animation function with its own function to improve performance so this is the reason behind it’s fast and compatible library, we can directly add this library to our project by adding CDN link. This library has approx. 18k stars on GitHub.


Popmotion is a function-based animation library means user can write their own animation using function. It has many functionalities like keyframes, timeline, pointer tackling, decay etc. This library gives us access to stagger any series of animations or functions. Using popmotion we can animation object and elements like 3D, DOM and SVG. This library has approx. 19k stars on Github.


Vivus is a lightweight JavaScript class using which we can animate SVGs with drawing effect, you will feel like it is being drawn in real time. AS vivus has no dependencies so it’s very fast and compatible to the browser.

Some of the animations are like: Delayed, Sync, timing functions, scenarize feature and many more. This library has approx. 14.3 stars on GitHub.


Kute.js is a modern JavaScript animation engine which is built using Es6+ standard. Kute.js performance is designed to given highest performance on modern browsers, this library keeps track on the changing standards, and it has all the modern tool to enable creativity. This library is very flexible to use.

This library has approx. 2.4k stars on Github under MIT license.


ScrollReveal is a JavaScript animation library which use to animate the web elements as user leave/enter the viewport, in simple terms ScrollReveal will reveal the elements when we enter/leave the viewport of any page.

This library has approx. 21k stars on Github.


GreenSock is another popular JavaScript animation library with very ease to use and animate the HTML elements. Using GreenSock we can also create timeline-based animations. Professionals also use this animation as it’s highly reliable and relevant.

GreenSock is very lightweight and ease to use mainly focused at developing high-performance animations that work at every major browser.

This library has approx. 14.5k stars on GitHub.


Bounce.js is a JavaScript library which is used to create simple CSS animation-based effects. Bound.js has also functionality where user can edit the animations and it will provide URL for the generated animation. This library has approx. 6.2k stars on GitHub.


Particle.js is also one of the popular animation libraries. Particle.js is a lightweight JavaScript library for creating particles and particles backgrounds, where we can create dynamic particle effect on our web pages and we can customize the shape, particle size, color, and movement according to our need. So, you got to know about various libraries of JavaScript for animation.

Updated on: 11-Oct-2022


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