What are the User friendly interfaces provided by DBMS?

The different user-friendly interfaces provided by the database management system (DBMS) are as follows −

  • Menu-Based interfaces.

  • Forms-based interfaces.

  • Graphical user interfaces.

  • Natural language interfaces.

  • Speech input and output interfaces.

  • Interfaces for parametric users.

  • Interfaces for the database administrator (DBA).

User friendly interfaces

Let’s discuss the user-friendly interfaces provided by the DBMS in detail.

Menu-based interfaces

These interfaces contain the lists of options through which the user is able to send the request.

The Pull-down menus are a very popular technique in web-based user interfaces.

These types of interfaces are mainly used by the web browsing users and web clients.

Forms-based interfaces

These types of interfaces are displaying a form to each user. The user is able to fill the entries to insert new data.

These forms are usually designed and programmed by naïve users as interfaces for recorded transactions.

User who wants to submit the online information by filling and submitting the details are going to use this type of interface

To create accounts on a website, or enrolling into some institution etc are also preferred to use this interface.

Graphical user interfaces

A graphical user interface contains a diagrammatic form that comprises a schema to the user.

The user asks a query by manipulating the diagram. These interfaces use the mouse as a pointing device to pick certain parts of the diagram.

These types of interfaces are used by the users who use electronic gadgets like mobile phones and touch screens.

Natural language interfaces

These interfaces accept the request from the user and try to interpret it.

The natural languages interfaces have their own schema which is like the database conceptual schema.

The search engines these days are using natural language interfaces.

The user can use these search engines to accept the words and retrieve the related information.

Speech input and output interfaces

These types of interfaces accept speech as an input and output the speech as a result.

These types of interfaces are mostly used in the inquiry for telephone directory or to get the flight information over the smart gadgets etc.

Interfaces for parametric users

Parametric users like bank tellers have a small set of operations that they must perform repeatedly.

These interfaces contain some commands to perform a request with minimum keystrokes.

These interfaces can be used in bank transactions to deposit or withdraw of money.

Interfaces for DBA

These interfaces contain some commands for creating accounts, to manipulate the database to perform some operations on the database.

These interfaces are specially used by the database administrators.

The types of user friendly interfaces provided by the DBMS are shown below in the diagram −