What are the principles of Transporter Data Flows?

Transporter data flows are digitally encoded units of data in which the transfer, storage, or processing takes place in more than one union state. The information can be moved physically by magnetic media, such as tapes, disks, or transmitted electronically over a terrestrial line, submarine cable, or satellite connection.

The significant fact is that the information transported or transmitted by these two modes either undergoes some type of information processing, or is accessed across an international frontier.

Transporter data flow supports business process streamlining, enhance market access, and keep business relevance in a fast-evolving business landscape. The maturing business and technological landscape, rapid globalization, improving value of information and its exchange over e-borders, necessitates determining data policies, frameworks, practices and standards.

Personal information can be delivered to different places only if the recipient guards privacy under standards that are alike to the Northern Territory IPPs. This notion is designed to make sure that steps are taken to defend the privacy of personal data if it is shared to a third party outside the Northern Territory, either throughway or overseas.

It identifies that in a worldwide information economy, it is essential to consider the manners in which personal information can be conveyed. For example, personal information can be gathered in a jurisdiction that has information privacy in place, but then be sent for processing offshore and appear in an authority that has no privacy security in place.

This principle includes the following which are as follows −

  • An agency should not transport personal information concerning an individual to a person (other than the individual) external the Territory unless −

    • The transfer is important or authorised under a law of the Territory or the Commonwealth.

    • The agency reasonably treated that the person receiving the data is subject to a law, or a contract or several lawfully binding arrangement, that needed the person to observe with principles for handling the information that are substantially similar to the Northern Territory IPPs.

    • The individual confirmation to the transfer.

    • The transfer is important for the performance of a contract between the agency and the individual or for the implementation of pre-contractual measures taken in response to the individual’s request.

    • the transfer is essential for the performance or completion of a contract among the agency and a third party, the performance or achievement of which benefits the person all of the following apply −

    • The transfer is for the benefit of the individual.

    • It is impossible to acquire the consent of the individual to the transfer.

    • It is possible that the individual can sanction to the transfer.

    • The agency has taken rational process to provide that the information will not be held, used or revelation by the person to whom it is transported in a aspect that is conflicting with the Northern Territory IPPs.

Updated on: 09-Mar-2022


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