What are the primary roles of an Accountant?

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An Accountant is a professional who prepares, interprets, and organizes the financial transaction of a business or an individual. Although the term "bookkeeper" is often used to mean accountants, there are many differences between the two.

For example, accountants usually interpret financial information while bookkeepers just compile them. To become a bookkeeper, an associate degree is required while to become an accountant at least a bachelor's degree is needed.

Additionally, accountants clearing the Certified Public Accountant (CPA) are considered the best in the profession. The CPA is the gold standard in the field of accountancy.

Roles of an Accountant

Following are some of the important Roles that an Accountant performs in an organization −

  • Accountants are responsible for creating, managing, and organizing financial reports.

  • They can also help auditors or maybe auditors themselves too.

  • Accountants prepare budgets at the end of the financial year.

  • Accountants organize financial data so that these can be accessed whenever necessary.

  • They use software for errorless accounting practices.

Skills Required to Become a Successful Accountant

Following are some of the important skills that an Accountant must possess in order to become successful −

  • Computer literacy − In current days, knowing how to use computers for accounting is unavoidable.

  • Eye for detail − A accountant should have a keen eye for detail to spot irregularities and errors.

  • Analytical skills − An accountant must be good at analyzing the details for budgeting and other events.

  • Business acumen − An accountant should know how the business runs apart from having accounting knowledge.

  • Mathematical skills − Accountants must be good in mathematics so that they can perform tasks faster.

  • Communication skills − Accountants also need to have good communications skills to communicate the various financial results with the business managers.

Points to Note

  • An Accountant's primary job is to look at financial transactions and prepare reports showing them to the stakeholders.

  • Preparing reports and identifying trends are the most sought skills in current times.

  • An accountant should have good mathematical and analyzing skills.

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