What are the Good Interview Questions for Salesforce?

Salesforce is a part of cloud computing and deals with social enterprises. The main motive behind Salesforce is to present affordable CRM software through online service. Salesforce provides a diverse infrastructure for a software product for the team from different industries like sales, commerce, customer service, IT, etc. Salesforce works worldwide and connects with people through an integrated platform. In this article, you can read the excellent interview questions for Salesforce. Have a look below.

Salesforce Interview Questions

Salesforce is a preferred career for those looking forward to CRM and customer relationship management. The top IT companies are using Salesforce and enjoying a large pay scale with job satisfaction. If you genuinely want to develop your career in Salesforce, go through the interview questions below.

What are the Best Features of Salesforce?

The first question is, what are the best features of Salesforce? Contact management is one of the best features because it provides a more straightforward management process for critical data for customers. It will give complete information, insights, and enhancement strategies for customers. Opportunity management can define the activity timeline of the customers. This opportunity management process will provide additional information regarding the business correspondence.

Quote management will help you to track the product details like standard price, quality, product code, delivery term, and payment. The Salesforce CRM app deals with quoting management and automatically provide client data.

The Objectives of Salesforce

The second is, what are the objectives of Salesforce? In Salesforce, the only database table act as an object. There are two types of objects in Salesforce. The first is an ordinary object that includes information like contacts, opportunities, products, reports, dashboards, and more.

A next object is a custom object, although created by developers in the case of the business process. It will always store unique information regarding the organization, and the structure of data sharing is also applicable. Besides, custom fields, relationships, interface tabs, page layouts, etc., also come under it.

What is the Logic of an app in Salesforce?

The third question is, what is the logic of an app in Salesforce? The main motive of an app in Salesforce is to define various details regarding the company, like logo, business operation, name, etc. The customized app can match the needs and requirements and develop new applications accordingly.

What are the Different Types of Apps in Salesforce?

The next question might be, what are the different types of apps in Salesforce? In Salesforce, there are two types of apps applicable the first one is a custom app, and the second one is a console app. The business owner uses the custom app; on the other hand, the console app is used for a client service business, and the main focus is on the client's issue.

Definition of Sharing Rule

What is the definition of sharing rule? As the name suggests, the sharing rule gives permission or access to other users' public groups or territories. One particular object can have 300 sharing rules, and the guest sharing rules can have up to 50.

Differentiate Between Role and Profile.

The next question might be, what is the difference between Role and profile? The Role will define the data visibility, and the profile has some limitations and therefore defines permission. Defining a role for a user is only sometimes essential, but defining a profile is always important. Profile decides the record privileges, and the Role helps you to control access to the record without hampering the reports.

Definition of Dashboard

The next question might be, what is the definition of the dashboard in Salesforce? The dashboard is the pictorial representation of the report that displays data. A single dashboard has the power to display 25 reports at a time. The companies provide a snapshot of key metrics and the performance of the organization in a single glance. Dashboard plays an essential role in Salesforce, and it should be addressed.

What is the Workflow in Salesforce?

Workflow in Salesforce will help you automate the internal procedures and processes to save time for your organization. Tracking the customer map journey or other marketing activities can boost the company's sales with the help of automation functions in Salesforce.

The workflow rule is the summation of the if or then statement. If the criteria are fulfilled, then action is taken. For example, if you work hard, you will pass an exam. If it is raining, then you need an umbrella. The workflow rule meets all the criteria and therefore executes the result.

Benefits of Salesforce CRM

What are the benefits of sales CRM? The Salesforce CRM will help identify the customer's journey quickly, along with behavior and background. It will help to improve customers' experience through the chat process. CRM will help to create consistency in the market campaign because finding a trustworthy customer is more important than finding the new one.

Various Reports in Salesforce

With the help of reports, management can get a clear idea. The information can easily track the process regarding goals. Salesforce deals with three types.

  • Matrix report − The report is formed by grouping. It has separate dimensions like date and product.

  • Summary report − The opportunity subtitled by sales and owner comes under the summary report.

  • Tabular report − A report that provides company details in table format. These reports serve lists of opportunities, accounts, lists, and other information.


Thus, to develop a career in Salesforce, you must prepare for these important questions. Now that you have the answers to some of the frequently asked questions about Salesforce, we wish you good luck with your job.

Updated on: 18-Apr-2023


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