What are the disadvantage of Multi-factor authentication?

Multi-factor authentication is a security feature that reduce the likelihood of virtual attacks attempting to gain unauthorized access to sensitive data. It is especially beneficial for securing those using weak passwords.

It is an authentication feature which enables the user to access a specific application, account or website only after supporting two or more verification evidences. In simple method, it is an approach to provide that the person attempting to log into an account is really the owner of that account.

Multi-factor authentication decrease the risk of security breaches from appearing and maintains data secure. In the past, needing a static username and password to access an account appear adequate for security.

However, weak or stolen passwords can be used to perform fraud attacks and data breaches when they are the only type of authentication needed. It can be using MFA to bolster password security with another type of authentication is proven to maintain hackers out of the systems.

There are various disadvantage of Multi-factor authorization which are as follows −

Locks the user out of the application or the account − If the user is weak to access the verification element other than the password, thus they can be secured out of their account. There should always be a steady backup in place or an alternate method to gain access to the uneasy account.

Multi-factor authentication takes more time − It is not only does having to enter two or more type of authentication add time to a process, but the install itself can be tedious.

Good multi-factor authentication should be programmed for inside employees and outside vendors, and getting everyone install with the right access and tools doesn’t appear overnight.

MFA is not free − A business can’t install multi-factor authentication by themselves. It has to be outsourced. While the original value may be high, the value of a hack is even more essential, at least for Colonial Pipeline who paid $4.4 million.

While MFA appears with its share of cons, it is treated one of the largest levels of security that all organizations should aim to implement to maintain their employees, networks, and user secure.

Cumbersome task − Some users can discover the task of using a more source of authorization to be tedious. They can be reluctant in activating the similar on their account. Users can learn devices connected to their account so that they don’t have to need multi-factor authentication each time they log in.

Relies on third parties − Multi-factor authentication needed integration of several services including SMS for sending verification codes. Users have no control over these third-party services, needed them of the ability to access these structure should anything faulter.

Updated on: 10-Mar-2022


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