What are the differences between Wasabi and Zetta?

To begin with, let us learn the concepts of Wasabi and Zetta.


Wasabi is a hot cloud storage company. It delivers fast, low-cost, and reliable cloud storage. Generally, the Wasabi Hot Cloud Storage is 1/5 the price of Amazon S3 and faster than the competition with no fees for API requests.

Wasabi Cloud Storage where one size fits all cloud object storage service which satisfies all storage performance requirements. Generally the Hot cloud storage costs less than cold storage service and is faster than traditional frequent-access storage services.


The applications of Wasabi are as follows −

  • Web and mobile apps
  • Agile development and testing
  • Big data and analytics
  • Commercial software


The features of Wasabi are as follows −

  • Ultra-low-cost pricing
  • Industry-leading performance
  • Extreme data durability
  • Comprehensive access controls and data encryption
  • Amazon S3-compatible API
  • Intuitive browser-based interface


The advantages of Wasabi are as follows −

  • No equipment to buy or manage.
  • Pay-as-you-grow scalability.
  • Inherent resiliency and data integrity.
  • Easy to use and administer.
  • No vendor lock-in.


Zetta Cloud is one of the high-tech, cutting-edge safety nets which gets broadcasters back on-air, easily, efficiently and quickly helps in natural disasters to viruses. There is a Zetta’s cloud-based Disaster Recovery tool which is used to backup all audio, schedules and metadata.

Zetta Cloud quickly restores all of the original data whenever the station is ready to return its live output.


The features of Zetta are as follows −

  • It has an ability to work with standard file systems.

  • It has features like Multi-threading, WAN optimization, Advanced Data compression, Local backup and restore.

  • It supports Multi-platform like Windows, Linux etc.


The advantages of Zetta are as follows −

  • For any level of user Zetta is a simple setup.
  • It is one of the efficient, fast and secure backups to the cloud.
  • For Zetta there should be no appliance required


The disadvantages of Zetta are as follows −

  • We have to configure Disaster Recovery-as-a-Service (DRaaS) prior to use.

  • There is no true bare metal recovery option.


The disadvantages of Zetta are as follows −

Wasabi was owned by Wasabi incorporation in 2017The Zetta was owned by Zetta incorporation in the year 2008.
Wasabi does not offer free storage spaceZetta does not offer free storage space.
Wasabi provides cloud storage services.Zetta provides cloud backup services
Wasabi is supported by OS X, Android, Windows and iOSZetta can be supported by OSX, Windows and Linux.
Wasabi supports the file versioning rarelyZetta does not support file versioning.
Wasabi is used by individuals, small as well as large organizations.Zetta is used by small and medium organizations.
Wasabi is still in useZetta is still in use
Wasabi provides storage services to store personal dataZetta does not provide services to store personal data .
Wasabi provides file hosting service.Zetta provides only file synchronization service.