What are the differences between Tencent Weiyun and Zetta?

Let us understand the concepts of Tencent Weiyun and Zetta before learning the differences between them.

Tencent Weiyun

Weiyun is the cloud storage service from Tencent which is providing a massive 10 TB of free cloud storage for its new customers. It was owned by Tencent Holdings Limited in 2012. It was mostly used by China. It can be available in Chinese and English language.

Tencent Cloud is one of the secure, reliable and high-performance cloud compute services provided by Tencent. It is the largest Internet company in China, and Asia. It is providing services to so many people through its products like QQ and WeChat.


The features of Tencent Weiyun are as follows −

  • Easy to Deploy

  • Low Cost

  • High reliability

  • We create a unique QR code for any file or folder that we want to share.

  • Weiyun automatically updates any files that you modify.

  • The pictures can easily be viewable across the browser, mobile, and desktop clients.


The advantages of Tencent Weiyun are as follows −

  • Superior network availability

  • Optimal customer support

  • Keen regulatory insight

  • An expansive ecosystem

  • Innovative cloud security


Zetta Cloud is one of the high-tech and cutting-edge safety nets which gets broadcasters back on-air, easily, efficiently and quickly helps in natural disasters to viruses. There is a Zetta’s cloud-based Disaster Recovery tool which is used to backup all audio, schedules and metadata.

Zetta Cloud quickly restores all of the original data whenever the station is ready to return its live output


The features of Zetta are as follows −

  • It has an ability to work with standard file systems.

  • It has features like Multi-threading, WAN optimization, Advanced Data compression, Local backup and restore.

  • It supports Multi-platform like Windows, Linux etc.


The advantages of Zetta are as follows −

  • For any level of user Zetta is a simple setup.

  • It is one of the efficient, fast and secure backups to the cloud.

  • For Zetta there should be no appliance required.


The disadvantages of Zetta are as follows −

  • We have to configure Disaster Recovery-as-a-Service (DRaaS) prior to use.

  • There is no true bare metal recovery option.


The major differences between Tencent Weiyun and Zetta are as follows −

Tencent WeiyunZetta
It was owned by Tencent Holding Limited in 2012.Zetta is owned by Zetta incorporation in the year 2008.
It offers 10GB of free storage.Zetta does not offer freeware service.
Tencent has a freeware version.Zetta does not have a freeware version.
Tencent provides a service for storing personal data.Zetta does not provide service for storing personal data.
Tencent does not support file versioning.Zetta does not support file versioning.
Tencent provides cloud storage service and file hosting service.Zetta provides file synchronization, cloud based backup services.
They are supported by OS X, Android, iOS and Windows.Zetta is supported by OS X, windows and Linux operating systems.
Tencent Weiyun is used in China.Zetta is used all over the world.