What are the differences between OneDrive and pCloud?

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Let us understand the concepts of OneDrive and pCloud before learning the differences between them.


OneDrive is a Microsoft cloud service which connects all your files. It helps us to store and protect our files, share them with others and we can access them from anywhere. It is a file hosting service available in 107 languages.

It was launched in 2007 by Microsoft as a web version of office. It offers 5GB of storage space for free and a paid version offers a space of 100 GB, 1 TB, and 6 TB available either separately or with Office 365 subscriptions.


The features of OneDrive are as follows −

  • Larger sized documents can be shared

  • It has access control and permission management features.

  • It is a cost effective software and also reliable with content management

  • Syncing your data files to your OneDrive app

  • Resolved syncing issue

  • Sharing files with others


The advantages of OneDrive are as follows −

  • One drive is an affordable service

  • It provides a large amount of storage for very less.

  • Access with mobile and desktop which makes it very convenient

  • Remote Access and File sharing concept


The disadvantages of OneDrive are as follows −

  • Its integrations into other operating systems,

  • Uploading file with larger size takes time.

  • Document management is slightly difficult

  • Syncing issues can occur.

  • User interface could be improved.

  • OneDrive email app can focus more on spam filtering.


It is a personal cloud space where we can store our files and folders. It has a userfriendly interface. The software is available for any devices and platforms like iOS and Android devices, MacOSX, Windows OS, and all Linux distributions.

By installing pCloud on our computer system the application creates a secure virtual drive that expands our local storage space.

Every change that we can make in our pCloud is seen immediately on our system, phone or tablet. All our devices are instantly synchronized and we have direct file access to any update that we do. The cloud storage solution offers web extensions for Google Chrome and Firefox.


The features of pCloud are as follows −

  • Lifetime Subscription

  • pCloud Crypto

  • Access on all devices

  • Share and collaborate

  • Unbreakable security

  • Collaboration Tools

  • Access Controls or Permissions

  • Document Management

  • Search or Filter

  • File Sharing

  • API

  • Document Storage

  • Drag & Drop

  • Unlimited Upload and Download Speed


The advantages of pCloud are as follows −

  • With PCloud’s rewind system we never lose a file ever again

  • Protects sensitive files

  • Convenient File Management

  • Easily stores the files from other online platforms.

  • User friendly mobile App

  • Easy access to the files

  • Easy to set up.


The disadvantages of pCloud are as follows −

  • Syncing can be a problem with pCloud

  • It takes a long time for Desktop synchronization.

  • It requires good internet connection.


The major differences between OneDrive and pCloud are as follows −

OneDrive was launched by Microsoft in the year 2007.pCloud was launched in the year 2013 by pCloud AG.
OneDrive offers 5 GB free storage space.pCloud offers 10 GB free storage space.
OneDrive provides 5 TB maximum storage space for the paid version.pCloud offers 2 TB storage size.
One Drive provides file hosting service and cloud storage service.pCloud provides file sharing, cloud storage service and backup service
OneDrive supports file versioning partially.pCloud supports file versioning
The maximum file size of OneDrive is 100GB.pCloud maximum file size is unlimited.
OneDrive is still in use.pCloud is still active.
OneDrive has no band-width limit.pCloud does not have a band-width limit.
OneDrive is mostly used by professionals.pCloud is used by professionals and for personal use.
It is more costly.It is less costly.
OneDrive is not supporting client-side encryption.pCloud provides client-side encryption.
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