What are the differences between Malware and Spyware?

Let us understand the concepts of Malware and Spyware before learning the differences between them.


It is a software program which can be installed on some user's personal computer or organization without their knowledge to gather personal information or view their browsing activities.

We can defend Spyware by doing proper internet browsing, not clicking unwanted suspicious links, not clicking any download or accept buttons, and not agreeing to unwanted information.

We can remove Spyware by using proper antivirus scan. After disconnecting form internet remove any unwanted or added programs in control panel and reboot system and do proper antivirus scan in safe mode.

Spyware occurs in computer system like −

  • Games, videos and music which are pirated are downloading and distributing copyrighted digital content without permission.

  • Downloading content from unknown sources.

  • By accepting pop-up advertisements.

  • By opening email attachments from unknown senders.

The prevention methods from spyware are as follows −

  • We have to download the software from trusted sources.

  • Try to read all disclosures when installing software.

  • Try to avoid interactions with pop-up ads.

  • Don’t open the email attachments from unknown senders.

  • Use trusted antivirus software and reputable spyware tools.

Types of Spyware

The different types of spywares are as follows −

  • Adware − Any application which displays advertisements when the program is running. For example: pop-up windows, banners.

  • Keyboard loggers − It is a type of surveillance technology used to monitor and record keystrokes. Cyber criminals can use these to steal sensitive information.

  • Mobile spyware − It is a type of spyware which can infect mobile devices that enters via SMS or MMS communication channels.


It is usually called a threat to the computer that can damage the functionality of the OS, making the system prone to more attacks, breach, and theft of sensitive data in the computer. The malware is injected and runs in an OS as a program or a file. These are written by hackers. Some of the malware include worms, Trojan horse, virus, keyloggers etc.

The prevention methods from malware are as follows

  • Install antivirus on our pc and run periodic checks

  • Activate firewall

  • Use only licensed software

  • Add an antivirus extension and AdBlock to your browser

  • Keep your system update

  • Never use open Wi-Fi

  • Backup all your files

  • Use very strong passwords and change them periodically

  • Think before clicking an AD on a website

Types of Malware

The different types of Malware are as follows −


They are the type of malicious program which can harm your system by corrupting your data, running harmful executable code harming other applications, formatting the hard disk or it can also shut down the system.

The method of infection of this program is that it copies itself from one computer to another by attaching itself to various files, documents or software etc. Now when users execute those software or open these infected files their system gets the virus.


This type of malicious program can infect any computer as they replicate themselves on the computer networks and it does not require any human activities such as virus to open any infected file or program as it can replicate by itself over the network.

Your computer can get worms if you are on a network and you open a phishing email or message and it drives you to a malicious website and after opening, it drops worms in your computer.

Trojan horse

It is a malicious program which can hide in your games, apps or maybe in software patches and carries its harmful operation under the appearance of the user wanted or desired activity.

It can bind itself to video or audio files of your program. It cannot replicate itself as in case of virus or worms but it plays tricks with the user for activating a malicious activity.