What are the differences between IoE and IoT?

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Let us understand the concepts of Internet of Things (IoT) and Internet of Everything (IoE) before learning the differences between them. Internet of Things (IoT) IoT is called the Internet of Things and it is nothing but an interlinkage between various items that means, the physical items interact with each other and with the external environment with the help of the internet. They can respond to certain external changes and can work in an artificially intelligent manner. It is also helpful in making certain decisions based on the pattern recognition technique.

For example − Every morning at 6am the coffee machine can start working on its own and before you wake up can make a coffee for you. Now anything in a network is vulnerable to outsiders, so it needs to be secured so that the bad actors cannot attack those networks and hack into those devices.

These days all our daily life is connected to the internet and using IoT from our home to office everything is controlled by the internet. So, if any attacker gets into those networks, they can control our life.

So, to protect you from these attacks we need to get secured and here IoT security comes. IoT security is one of the technology segments which focus on safeguarding and protecting connected devices and networks in IoT. To protect in IoT, each device is recognised with a unique identifier and programmed in such a way that they will transmit data automatically to the network. Basically IoT securities are a series of techniques and methods adapted to protect these networks.

The methods and techniques of IoT are as follows −

  • Application program interface security

  • Public Key Infrastructure authentication

  • Network Security

  • Encrypting data transfers

Internet of Everything (IoE)

The Internet of Everything (IoE) is the concept which extends the Internet of things and emphasizes machine to machine communication and describes the more complex system which encompasses the peoples and the processes related to them.

IoE is the connection and collaboration of the machines, IoT and the machine to machine communications which are synonymous. The IoE is the connection and network of the devices and products which are connected and have digital features connected to the Internet, such as appliances, devices and items which are and can be connected to the Internet.

IoE features fall under two main categories, which are as follows

  • Input − IOE allows Analog or external data to be placed into a piece of hardware.

  • Output − IOE allows a piece of hardware that has to be placed back into the Internet.


The major differences between IoT and IoE are as follows −

It extends the internet connectivity beyond devices like laptop, desktops and smartphones to the range of devices which uses embedded technology to communicate with external environments through the internet.IoE affixes intelligence to the IoT which allows visibility as well as convergence across earlier heterogeneous systems.
IOT communication occurs between machine to machine.IOE communication occurs between machine to machine, machine to people and technology assisted people to people.
Examples − Physical things that can fall into IoT are electronic appliances, speaker systems, alarm clocks, light in households and more.Examples − IoE is Air traffic network that consists of routes, airplanes, ticket vending machines, staff, customers, and more.
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