What are the differences between Google Voice and Dingtone?

Let us understand the concepts of Google Voice and Dingtone before learning the differences between them.

Google Voice

It is used to make calls to all Google users all over the world and was launched in the year 2009. It provided a lot of features along with voice calls like free messaging, blocking unwanted numbers, showing call history, etc. It is an internet-based telephony service.


The features of Google Voice are as follows −

  • Call forwarding
  • Voice mail service
  • Text message
  • International call termination
  • Free of cost
  • Call history
  • Call screening
  • Blocking of unwanted calls


The advantages of Google Voice are as follows −

  • Simple to use
  • Internet only service
  • Call forwarding
  • Calls on smartphones
  • Good connectivity


The disadvantages of Google Voice are as follows −

  • Limited Functionality
  • International support is not there
  • Multiple numbers on single account
  • Remove empty messages
  • Not available in all of the countries


It is a mobile app used in mobile phones and tablets on iOS or Android operating systems. With the help of this app we can make unlimited free phone calls, send text messages, free voice and instantly share videos, pictures, and share your location with friends, family members and other Dingtone users.

It is also helpful to change our phone into a real Walkie Talkie which can be used in hiking or places where there are no calling signals.


The features of dingtone are as follows −

  • Get a free phone number for WiFi calling
  • Unlimited texts to US and CA.
  • Online calls to any mobile or landline with no sim.
  • Text with a real number.


The advantages of dingtone are as follows −

  • It is safe to use.
  • Dingtone support is good.
  • Design and performance is good
  • Price is free


The disadvantages of dingtone are as follows −

  • Sound quality is comparatively poor.
  • The connection can be late while chatting.


The major differences between Google voice and Dingtone are as follows −

Google VoiceDingtone
It was launched in the year 2009 by GoogleIt was launched in the year 2012 by Dingtone Incorporation.
Google voice offers voice calls and messaging but not video callsDingtone offers voice calls, messaging and live video calling.
Voice calls in Google Voice can be made through mobile numbers.Voice calls in Dingtone are made through mobile numbers and landline numbers.
Google Voice provides services like forwarding calls and voicemail.Dingtone does not provide call forwarding and voicemail.
Google Voice does not provide conference calls.Dingtone provides conference calls during voice calls to up to 1000 users.
Google Voice does not provide service like call recording.Dingtone provides the service call recording.