What are the differences between Google Drive and BorgBase?

Let us understand the concepts of Google Drive and BorgBase before learning the differences between them.

Google Drive

It is a file storage and synchronization service developed by Google in the year 2012. It allows users to store files, share files and synchronize files on different devices. In order to access and use a Google drive account, you would need to set up a G-mail account.

Once you've set up your Google account, you can access Google Drive by going to http://drive.Google.com in your web browser.


The features of Google Drive are as follows −

  • Sync Your All Files
  • Save to Google Drive
  • Save Gmail Attachments
  • Work Offline
  • Convert PDFs to Docs
  • Share with Others
  • Scan Documents
  • Upgrade to Google One from Drive


The advantages of Google Drive are as follows −

  • Google drive is providing cloud storage to store your documents

  • No need to save your documents. Whenever you edit some documents in Google drive, there is no fear of not saving it, as it is automatically saved

  • Google Drive is also an offline feature for users with a Google Chrome Browser.

  • Google Drive initially gives 15 GB of free storage space to users, which is more than enough for the average user.

  • Documents that are created and stored on Google Drive are shared with other Google users with a single click. Documents can also be shared with the general public as Google will generate a custom hyperlink for you.


The disadvantages of Google Drive are as follows −

  • If we want more than 15GB of storage users need to purchase the storage.

  • Even though Google is offering paid storage of up to 30 terabytes, it has a restriction in place that files larger than 5 terabytes cannot be viewed within Google Drive.


It is a secure tool which is used for offsite backups and acts as a specialized hosting service for Borgbackup. It was launched in the year 2010 by Borge Collective. It can back up any sensitive data which the users can use and are then kept encrypted at all times. Users have the option of choosing the data centers between the EU and North America as the backup location of their sensitive data.


The features of BorgBase are as follows −

  • Copy-paste commands
  • Templates for Borg and Borg-backed clients.
  • Supports a large community of developers.
  • Monitoring services to notify services.
  • Automated Storage.
  • Efficiently transfer data.
  • Secure Data Storage
  • Incremental Backup


The advantages of BorgBase are as follows −

  • Encryption
  • It supports freelancer, small, medium and large business.
  • Cloud Storage
  • Automated Storage
  • Compression Option
  • Web Access


The disadvantages of BorgBase are as follows −

  • It is not mobile compatible.
  • Backup scheduling is not possible
  • Remote access is not there


The major differences between BorgBase and Google Drive are as follows −

BorgBaseGoogle Drive
BorgBase was launched in the year 2010 by Borg collective.Google Drive is owned by Google LLC in the year 2012
BorgBase offers 5 GB free storage space.Google Drive offer 15 GB storage for free
BorgBase provides unlimited maximum storage space.Maximum storage capacity is 30 TB.
BorgBase maximum file size is not restricted.The maximum file size in Google Drive is 5TB.
BorgBase supports file versioning.Google Drive provides file versioning.
BorgBase has less number of users.Google Drive has more users.
BorgBase is designed for Unix-like operating systems.Google Drive is designed for all operating systems.
BorgBase provides less security of data compared to Google Drive.Google Drive provides more security.
BorgBase is less costly.Google Drive is more costly.