What are the differences between Fastag and QR Code?

Let us understand the concepts of QR Code and Fastag.

QR Codes

QR code is called as "Quick Response" and it allows us to encode or store over 4500 characters in a two-dimensional bar code. These codes are the "square barcodes" that are initially developed and used in Japan.

The main aim of the QR code is to store the information in such a way that the machine (scanner) can be able to read the data present in the code.

Given below is the Sample QR code image −

As we can see above all QR codes are made of black dots and white spaces forming a square grid. When humans scan this QR code via scanner then they can be able to view the information in a readable format. Nowadays mobiles allow us to scan these QR codes easily.

Uses of QR codes

QR codes can be used for storing data like the following −

  • Simple text

  • Phone numbers

  • Online conferences via zoom app

  • Online one time passwords (OTP)

  • Online accounts authentication and many more

Fast Tag

FASTag is an electronic scanner system used for toll collection in India, which is operated by the National Highway Authority of India. It incorporates the Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology for doing toll payments either prepaid or from savings accounts which are linked to it or directly toll owner.

The RFID enabled sticker which is fixed to a vehicle’s windshield, and a reader at the toll booth are used to scan this card and wirelessly and automatically processes the payment.

When we pass a FASTag-enabled toll plaza, we don’t need to stop our vehicles to make cash payment for the toll fee. we can keep driving and the fee will be paid automatically.


The major differences between Fastag and QR Code are as follows −

QR CodeFastag
QR code was created and developed by Masahiro Hara in 1994.Fastag was developed by the national payment corporation of India in the year 2014.
QR Code is one typeFastag is represented in one type.
QR code is a two dimensional printed representation of data used to scan and retrieval of dataFastag is a method of toll collection using RFID technology.
QR code used at super markets and different stores to track all purchased products and also used in hospitals, cinema halls etc.Fastag is used by the National highway authority for toll collection.
QR code is based on Morse code.Fastag is based on RFID technology.
QR code requires less storage when compared to Fastag.Fastag requires more storage when compared to QR code.
QR code storage capacity is 2 kilobytesFastag storage capacity is 3 kilo bytes.
QR code reads and detects fast when compared to fastag.Fastag is slower in processing.
At a time only one QR code can be read.At a time so many fastags can be read at toll plaza.
In all stores and public places to scan the tickets, QR code usage is very highNow-a-days Fastag's popularity has become High.