What are the differences between Dropbox and TitanFile?

Let us understand the concepts of Dropbox and TitanFile before learning the differences between them.


Dropbox is operated by the American company Dropbox, Inc. and was released in the year 2008. It is a file hosting service.

Dropbox is placed in a high position in a competitive market. In comparison to all the cloud storage platforms, Dropbox has been highly effective in capturing the largest share of the cloud market.

It is important to mention that cloud platforms like Google Drive, Microsoft One Drive, Apple cloud have some disadvantages which are readily covered by Dropbox.

Furthermore, it has some secured data servers that are highly competitive in comparison to the other companies. Hence, it can be said that Dropbox is positioned well so that work can be done effectively.


The features of Dropbox are as follows −

  • Store and access files from anywhere.

  • Bring all your content together.

  • Work smarter from your desktop.

  • Dropbox Give permissions to the right people for right access.

  • Disaster-proof your files.

  • Keep company data in safe hands.

  • File sharing.

  • Productivity tools.

  • Content collaboration.


The advantages of Dropbox are as follows −

  • It is completely free.

  • Easy to use.

  • It will access the latest version of each file.

  • It share files.

  • Multiple accounts.


The disadvantages of Dropbox are as follows −

  • Right to delete information.

  • It concerns about security.

  • It's not easy to drag copies of files.


TitanFile has featured document management software designed which is mainly used for Startups, Agencies. It is used to provide end-to-end solutions for designing for Web App. This Management system offers audit trail, Document Management, workflow management, Encryption, Messaging at one place.


Some of the features of TitanFile are as follows −

  • Secure portal

  • Outlook integration

  • Secure web forms

  • Shared Mailbox

  • File and folder management

  • Document watermarking

  • Group communication

  • Large file transfer and many more.


The advantages of TitanFile are as follows −

  • It is easy to send and receive information securely.

  • Integration is easy.

  • We can easily add profile file.

  • It is more secure.

  • Sharing files.

  • Easy to create channels.

  • Documentation can be sent at one time.


The disadvantages of TitanFile are as follows −

  • It is not integration with Microsoft office 365 contacts.

  • Mandatory password change.

  • Customization is required.


The major differences between Dropbox and TitanFile are as follows −

Dropbox is owned by Dropbox incorporation in the year 2007.
The TitanFile is owned by TitanFile incorporation in the year 2011.
Dropbox offers 2 GB free storage space.
TitanFile will not offer any free storage space.
Dropbox provides unlimited storage space.
TitanFile offers unlimited maximum storage size.
Dropbox provides file hosting service, file synchronization service and cloud storage service.
TitanFile provides cloud storage service.
The maximum file size in the drop box is 10 GB.
TitanFile maximum file size is 100MB for free rest is paid.
Dropbox supports file versioning partially.
TitanFile fully supports file versioning.
Dropbox has a band-width limit of 20 GB per day for free and 200 GB per day for paid.
TitanFile has no band-width limit.
Dropbox is used all over the world.
It is used in Canada and the US mostly.
Dropbox has allow space for referral up to 18 GB
TitanFile has no referral system.
Dropbox uses block-Syncing to update changes quickly.
TitanFile does not use block-Syncing to update changes quickly.

Updated on: 22-Mar-2022


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